Affluent Families & Individuals

About UCG

Trust is our most valuable asset.

Our clients spend a lifetime building wealth; they do not necessarily have the time to spend managing it. At Ulrich Investment Consultants, we strive to ensure that our clients have the appropriate resources and investment plans in place to support their financial goals. It is a simple objective, but can be a complicated and time-consuming process requiring expertise in multiple disciplines. We work closely with other professionals to ensure our clients have an appropriate plan in place to achieve their objectives and to develop a plan for transition of wealth to future generations or appropriate beneficiaries.

Developing a clear path to achieving client goals requires complete trust and a clear understanding of each client’s unique needs. We work with our clients to  develop their comprehensive financial picture, including financial assets, real estate, additional business interests and investments, liabilities and cash flow requirements. Based on that picture, we implement investment strategies utilizing high-quality investment vehicles with an appropriate fee structure and monitor progress to ensure that our clients’ goals are being achieved. For over 30 years the Ulrich team has been helping clients achieve financial success and peace of mind through informed guidance, insightful thinking and diligent attention to detail.