The Ulrich Difference

About UCG

The advantages of independent thinking and specialized services.

In the case of Ulrich Investment Consultants, that which makes us different makes a difference for our clients. In an environment where financial services firms are growing bigger and more impersonal, we think our model is superior: optimal size with access to vast resources. We are different because we are focused on one thing—ensuring our clients’ interests come first, always: not sales quotas, proprietary products or next quarter’s numbers. Our clients define us, and we believe that our size is a distinct advantage in helping them achieve their goals.


In the process of Uniting Clients with their Goals, here is what makes us different and, more important, what that difference means for clients:

Unquestionable Integrity

In our role as a fiduciary to our clients, we have a clear obligation to act in our clients’ best interests and avoid potential conflicts of interest. That means providing advice and recommending investments that we view as being right for them, putting their needs ahead of our own. We do what is right, not what is right for us. Many advisors and consultants who are employees of financial services providers are not required to act in a fiduciary capacity—they can simply sell products and services regardless of their clients’ best interests.

Consulting with Conviction

Consulting with conviction requires the ability to have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, coupled with deep insights into the opportunities and strategies available in the marketplace. It is having confidence that what we believe or say is verifiable and true. Our approach allows us to look beyond simple conventional analysis by building strategies based on client needs and well-researched ideas, not simply “off-the-shelf” solutions.

We partner with leading investment consulting firm Callan Associates for investment research and support. We believe this partnership allows us to deliver “best in class” investment strategies, custodians and other service providers through an open architecture structure. By focusing on forward-looking solutions that utilize broad diversification across asset classes and a global perspective, UCG consults with one mission in mind: to achieve our clients’ stated return expectations throughout market cycles.

Genuine Unbiased Advice

Ulrich is not affiliated with any broker-dealers or investment managers, nor are we part of another firm. We are independent and exist solely for our clients. As an employee-owned firm, we have a personal interest in our clients, and we are committed to maintaining our reputation of integrity and trust. Because we provide investment advice and do not sell products, Ulrich has only one source of revenue: fees paid by our clients. We price our services very competitively and maintain a high sensitivity to the impact on client returns of investment management and other service provider fees. Without the encumbrances of overheads, profit margin objectives or the pressure of delivering quarterly earnings to uninvolved shareholders, we are free to provide genuine, unbiased advice without the inherent conflicts of interest that larger, multi-product-driven firms have.