Adding partners who add value.

Strategic relationships with a number of the leading industry participants available ensure that our own expertise is augmented, where appropriate, to provide clients with an even higher level of service. Along with Callan Associates and Natixis Managed Portfolio Advisors, Ulrich seeks to develop relationships with other provider firms who can bring added value to our offerings.

In addition to providing specialists and unique resources, these relationships are designed to control costs. Rather than spend time and significant resources to build internally, we outsource certain functions or a portion of them to highly qualified and collaborative partners.



Callan, one of the largest investment consulting firms in the country, provides research, education, decision support, and advice to a broad array of institutional investors. Ulrich is one of a select group of independent consulting firms nationwide with access to Callan through their Independent Adviser Group program. This strategic relationship allows Ulrich to conduct thorough due diligence and deliver customized consulting solutions to clients ranging from research to total portfolio oversight to help achieve their investment and business objectives. Collaboration with Callan positions Ulrich with a vast array of resources at its disposal to help our clients:

  • Capital Markets Research
  • Global Manager Research
  • Software Solutions Group
  • Callan Institute
  • Database and Client Report Services


NATIXISNatixis/Managed Portfolio Advisors® (MPA)

Natixis/MPA functions as Ulrich’s “Strategic Implementation” partner, providing a range of portfolio overlay services, portfolio administration and the active management of portfolio rebalancing. Natixis/MPA combines sophisticated technology with investment expertise that helps us appropriately and more precisely balance tax benefits and investment considerations within client portfolios. Their robust portfolio and investment overlay systems provide a comprehensive, detailed view of client portfolios to better tailor investments to individual client needs and goals.

They also help us streamline other aspects of the investment implementation process, such as:

  • Monitoring asset class drift
  • Implementing a systematic rebalancing process
  • Providing consolidated reporting
  • Generating less paperwork for account openings, additional contributions or distributions
  • Simplifying manager and asset allocation changes