Our Mission

Our mission has always been to do well by our clients by offering superior investment advice, valuable insights and a broad range of consulting services with exceptional client service and a fee structure that adds value. By uncovering and defining each client’s goals, we are committed to developing thoroughly researched, strategically implemented and diligently monitored investment programs. We work in our clients’ best interests, maintaining complete independence in order to provide the highest fiduciary standard as we seek to identify attractive investment opportunities and leverage them to our clients’ advantage.

Our Client-Centric Model: Meeting objectives with objectivity.

Our services revolve around clients and their individual goals. With a sizeable and varied client base made up of affluent individuals and intergenerational families, fiduciaries including retirement plan sponsors, charitable organizations, multi-employer benefit plans, Native American Governments and affiliated entities, and mid-size companies, we have developed a broad range of experience from which to draw on to help us understand what it is that clients actually need.

What client-centric means to us:


Providing access to a full range of products and services.


Ensuring success means having a crystal clear idea of who each client is & what they require.


Planning our process around those client needs in support of the ultimate purpose or objective.


Identifying what it is that will allow us to deliver the most effective client experience.

That is when independence and an open architecture approach make the difference. Exceeding expectations is accomplished by striving to deliver the highest quality, unbiased financial services attainable: innovative thinking and investment strategies, independent research, access to leading portfolio managers and industry expertise, superior products and services, and unwavering confidence.