Jim Sizemore -Partner, Director of Native American Consulting

Jim Sizemore began his career in finance while still in high school, working in his father’s CPA® firm. Later he worked with a regional CPA® firm before leaving public accounting in 1976 to join the staff of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon, where he served as the finance officer until 1986. He founded his own consulting firm (James M. Sizemore, Certified Public Accountant) in 1986, devoted solely to Native American Tribal clients.  In 1998, he merged his firm with Strategic Wealth Management, Inc., a Washington state registered investment advisor, and became registered himself, later retiring his CPA® license.  There he assumed the role of Director of Native American services, coordinating both investment and other consulting with the firm’s clients.

During his tenure at Warm Springs, Jim also assisted the Tribe in addressing federal budget, legislation and regulatory efforts, coordinating the work with other Tribes regionally and nationally, a role he continued for more than a decade after establishing his own firm.

Since 1986, Jim has consulted exclusively for or on behalf of Native American Tribes in the broad area of financial management and dealing with financial aspects of tribes’ relationships with the Federal Government. Jim has considerable expertise assisting in the development of internal capacity for financial management, including fiscal policy, planning, accounting and budgeting. He also assists client tribes in developing and negotiating self-determination contracts and compacts, developing and negotiating indirect cost rates, preparing and contracting for audits, negotiating local control of tribal assets and other finance and financing related activities, as well as structuring and administering self-insurance and minor/member trusts.

Jim directs Ulrich Investment Consultants’ (UIC) Native American Consulting Services. He works very closely with tribal clients to ensure integration of financial policy, planning and management processes, with investment solutions and strategies. Jim coaches and provides training for CFO’s, Finance Directors and officers, finance and investment committees, 401(k) Committees and their staffs to support development of internal fiscal management capacity. Based on his broad tribal experience, he is called upon to assist in many issues that have bearing either directly or indirectly on the finances of client tribes.

Jim is a partner and registered investment advisor with UIC. Jim has the lead role in the firm in addressing Tribal client needs and policies, also initiating and overseeing the development and evolution of client training. He is also a member of the Investment Committee at UIC. Jim spends much of his time in the field with UIC’s tribal clients or when in the Oregon office he and his staff are devoted full-time to the firm’s Native American tribal clients.​ Jim lives in Newberg, OR with his wife Susan. Jim and Susan enjoy running a small hobby farm, where they raise Shetland Sheep and other farm animals and pets, as well as timber. Jim also enjoys woodworking, backpacking, and spending time with the couple’s 11 grandchildren.​