Sovereign Tribes and Related Organizations

Ulrich has significant and meaningful experience consulting Native American tribes. We are committed to helping Native American clients foster internal policies to manage resources in a focused way to achieve their specific long-term goals and objectives. Building core competencies within the ranks of our clients’ management is a critical component in achieving sustainable self-sufficiency for current and future tribal members.

Ulrich has also assembled a network of specialized partner firms which complement its expertise. These firms specialize in the areas of casino management and financial and debt structuring. With associations and contacts, we can also bring additional points of contact and relationship depth.

Over the past three decades, the Ulrich team has dedicated its efforts to helping Native American clients establish and build economic engines that withstand the test of time and allow them to achieve their financial objectives. We work as a partner and an extension of client teams as they think through growth, development and capital requirements.

Our understanding of the particular issues that Native Nations face allows the Ulrich team to partner with our clients on an array of services including:

  • Fiduciary Advisory
  • Outsourced CIO
  • Strategic and Financial Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Economic Development
  • Investment of Resources
  • Retirement Plan Consulting
  • Minor’s Trust Fund Management
  • Tribal Member Education and Related Financial Services
  • Special Projects and Planning Services