The Ulrich Approach

INDEPENDENCE from corporate constraints is critical, as it impacts the approach a wealth manager can take, and the latitude he or she has in approaching how they service their clients. Large Wall Street brokerage firms often place restrictions on the product mix an advisor can offer, how it is priced, and the availability of money managers on their platforms — and more. Ulrich doesn’t. Our independence and open architecture mean freedom from constraint.

TRANSPARENCY in our approach is a core value. Ulrich’s fee-only pricing is clearly articulated and presented, with no overly complex mixture of fee and commissioned offerings. Fee-only business models relieve pressure on a wealth manager to generate short-term income and free us to serve the client’s interests first.

TARGETED — Independence and transparency allow us to present targeted solutions aimed at earning a client’s trust and confidence. We provide robust, tailored, holistic solutions for a range of potential needs. For individual clients, this can mean cash-flow planning and analysis, portfolio construction and design, asset allocation, manager due diligence and reporting, investment policy and fiduciary oversight, comprehensive performance reporting, and more.

Because Ulrich Investment Consultants utilizes an open architecture platform, we are not limited to any one institution’s offerings. The advice and guidance we offer is totally objective and independent. This allows us to avoid conflicts of interest and act solely on behalf of our clients. In addition, open architecture enables us to utilize resources across the full range of products, services, and professionals. This gives us complete flexibility in our investment structuring process and allows us to engage top-flight investment specialists who we feel are best positioned to achieve excess returns for our clients.

Foundations, endowments, corporations, and Native American organizations have a much wider range of needs; see “Who We Serve” for more detail on our capabilities.