Our Process

Institutional Capabilities, Fiduciary Responsibilities.

At Ulrich Investment Consultants, we apply a best-practices approach in providing investment advice to our clients. We put years of experience behind our guidance, augmented by a strategic partnership with Callan — one of the leading institutional investment consulting services and research providers in the industry. By establishing appropriate fiduciary standards to be followed at every stage, we help ensure the prudent management of fiduciary assets.

Our three-part approach provides the building blocks for a solid, ongoing and scalable
process based on the Fiduciary Code of Conduct


  • Develop a plan that incorporates the client’s goals and objectives
  • Coordinate all assets and liabilities, and tax and estate planning with the investment plan
  • Establish appropriate risk tolerance and asset allocation guidelines


  • Evaluate all service providers and negotiate fees
  • Develop optimal portfolio allocation across accounts and entities
  • Identify appropriate investment products and strategies
  • Coordinate manager changes and rebalancing


  • Comprehensive Quarterly & Ad Hoc Performance Report
  • Benchmarking and peer group comparisons
  • Tax reporting
  • Monitor and control costs
  • Capital Markets Update