Proteus LLC Partners with Callan to Differentiate Offering, Expand Access to Alternatives Research

Friday, October 11, 2019

Proteus, LLC, an Indianapolis-based alternative investment technology firm, announced today its partnership with Callan, a leading institutional investment consulting firm, to expand and differentiate its offering.

Through this partnership, Callan will provide alternatives due diligence expertise to Proteus’ platform to streamline the approval of funds available. Eric Knauss, Proteus’ CEO, believes Callan’s research will strengthen the platform while providing a solid foundation for future innovations.

“We’re thrilled to partner with such a prestigious industry player as we embark on a new era for the alternatives investment space,” said Knauss. “It is exciting to have the industry leadership of the Callan team as we move forward.”

Proteus’ private investment platform offers a complete private investment solution, providing preapproved investment opportunities with reduced minimums, negotiated fees and enhanced liquidity for both accredited and qualified investors. In addition to increased and advantaged access, platform users benefit from advanced capabilities, such as a one-time subscription document, world-class analytics, portfolio and liquidity management tools, and consolidated K-1 tax reporting.

Eric Davison, director of Callan’s Independent Adviser Group, expressed confidence that the addition of an enhanced due diligence process, combined with Proteus’ proprietary and highly differentiated access platform, will give investment advisers efficient access to alternative investments in ways that were previously not available.

“It’s a win-win for advisers and family offices,” said Davison. “Not only will they get access to a platform of well-vetted offerings at favorable account minimums and terms, but Proteus’ technology platform brings significant efficiencies in accessing, subscribing to and administering both individual and firm wide private investment programs.”

“This relationship allows Callan to further leverage our alternatives research and positively

differentiate our services,” added Pete Keliuotis, head of alternatives consulting at Callan.

Proteus’ end-to-end enterprise solution supports all sourcing and manager due diligence, back-office and administration, as well as portfolio construction and modeling needs of the investor and their advisers. In addition, Proteus provides a convenient solution for investment managers looking to access the investment adviser and family office marketplaces.

About Proteus

Since 2014, Proteus has provided a sophisticated service to investment advisory firms and their ultrahigh-net-worth clients, utilizing a propriety portfolio management system and innovative legal structure that gives investors the ability to participate in highly sought-after but difficult-to-access, private investments with unparalleled convenience. Proteus has streamlined the process for sourcing, due diligence, investing and reporting to provide the most sophisticated yet efficient, alternative investment access platform available on the market today.

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About Callan

Callan was founded as an employee-owned investment consulting firm in 1973. We empower institutional clients with creative, customized investment solutions backed by proprietary research, exclusive data, and education. Today, Callan advises on $2.4 trillion, making it among the largest independently owned investment consulting firms. Callan uses a client-focused model to serve pension and defined contribution plan sponsors, endowments, foundations, independent investment advisers, and other asset owners.

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